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09 – 12 March 2017 (4D 3N)

Klui Beach, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia




Environmental issues have been growing interest of people’s concern. The rapid growth of population directly increases the demand of human basic needs while nature has its limit as some sources are not renewable. Moreover, the high technological advances also bring impacts to nature sustainability. The awareness towards this particular issue have been raised not only for government, but also academician, experts, NGOs, and even public society. We believe that an action to take care of our environment should be done by involving more elements including youth as the next generation. It is important for young people to be aware of this issue and involved in the endeavors to solve the problems.

GFE (Greeneration Friend of Earth) Camp is an event purposely organized for youths who care about the future of their environment and have intention to do a concrete effort to preserve the nature. This event will also connect them as young leaders around the world with the same passion in environmental issues and similar projects to solve environmental problems in their community. Therefore, through this event, the young leaders are expected to collaborate and exchange ideas in order to create a greater change to protect the nature and be the great friend for our earth.

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50 young Greenerations from Asian countries aged 16th – 30th years old selected through 3 stages of application process.



  • Build awareness of the younger generation about the importance of clean environment for future
  • Establish communication and network among World Youth Generation having passion in environmental sector
  • Accommodate environmental issue sharing and cultural exchange for World Youth Leaders



Marine Biologist by Profession, Environmentalist by Passion

FOUNDER/PRESIDENT, EcoKnights (www.ecoknights.org.my)

CHAIRPERSON, Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO) (www.mengo.org)

CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR, PopTani Asia (www.poptani.asia)

Yasmin Rasyid is the 2013-2017 Chairperson for Malaysian Environmental NGOS (MENGO), a national coalition of 26 environmental and social NGOs in the country. In 2005, she founded EcoKnights (www.ecoknights.org.my), a not-for-profit environmental organization which focuses on environmental education and awareness, community empowerment and development, and environmental communication. Yasmin has also dabbled in the world of social entrepreneurship and is a co-founder of PopTani, an agriculture-based start-up which specializes in aquaponics.

As leading woman in environment, in 2015, Yasmin was honored as a finalist in the global Leadership Energy Awards organized by Maybank and was named as one of the Star’s People of the Year. In 2016, she was awarded the Best NGO Leader Award under the Golder Globe Tiger Awards for Excellence and as well awarded the Comfori’s Greenman Award.

Her main areas of passion are environmental education for youths and children and mobilization of communities towards sustainability. Yasmin is also specialized as a sustainability planner and consultant. She has presented and been invited to speak on many platforms on EcoKnights’ efforts and her experiences in running NGOs, social businesses, corporate social responsibility and also in youth and community empowerment. Some of her talks include TedX ISKL, TedX Sungai Segget, at the 14th Science Council of Asia (SCA) International Conference.


Lombok’s Queen of Recycling

FOUNDER Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri

AUTHOR of books titled “Mengelola Bank Sampah” and “Management dan Marketing Bank Sampah Kreatif”

She was a business woman, a tour guide, and even a music producer before finally settling down as the Queen of Recycling for Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri, established in 2012, is an enterprise that envisions to raise awareness from people that plastics are dangerous as trash especially that those trashes are easily found around us. Founded by Aisyah Odist and her two friends, they are determined to recycle those plastic rubbish and make it to something useful and even commercial. Now, the production has made more than 50 types of goods such as bags, wallets, dolls, crocks, decorations, and etc to be exported to many countries in which France, Australia, Germany, and Belgium have been the regular clients.

Her consistency in recycling has brought herself to write books entitled as “Mengelola Bank Sampah” and “Management dan Marketing Bank Sampah Kreatif” which both are aimed to share the ideas to other recyclers and to inspire others in solving problems of trash together. Aisyah Odist is also an active speaker and trainer to socio-preneurship topics and of course recycling. She has contributed to the training of 2000 people in recycling methods.


A Sociopreneur, Climate Change Fighter

CO-FOUNDER Youth for Climate Change Indonesia (YFCC)

INITIATOR of International Youth Forum on Climate Change and Sustainability Development (IYFCCSD) Kementerian Pemuda dan Olahraga Republik Indonesia

It was 2011 when Pardi Pay and other 10 friends established a youth community to collaborate and educate other people on environment and climate change issue. The community known as Youth for Climate Change Indonesia (YFCC) has been successfully connecting more than 1000 alumni in all over Indonesia and they are all ready to educate the people in their own communities about the climate change as well environmental issues.

As a passionate fighter of environment, he had received an award of Environmental Ambassador in his faculty back then in 2010 when he was a student of Water Source Management in Institut Pertanian Bogor and continued to achieve other awards in environmental field such as The 1st Place at National Championship of “Green Living n Youth Creativity” in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, he was also honored as Indonesian delegate to ASEAN Power Shift for Climate Change, United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore and as Indonesian Youth Team on Climate Change Friedrich Naumann Stiftung. He then initiated International Youth Forum on Climate Change and Sustainability Development (IYFCCSD) for Indonesia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports and became partner to Youth Time International Movement: Youth Global Forum 2016. For all his inspiring aspiration, he had been featured in a book of “The Power of Climacteric: 5 Tips Rahasia Menuju Generasi Muda yang Aktif, Prestatif dan Inspiratif” as one of Indonesian Inspiring Youths (published: 2016).


25 & Living Zero Waste life in NYC

PIONEER of Zero Waste movement

CREATOR of Trash is for Tossers (trashisfortossers.com) and Youtube Channel Trash is for Tossers (72.9K subscriber)

FOUNDER & CEO of thesimplyco., 3-ingredient organic, vegan laundry detergent

Lauren Singer is author of the Zero Waste blog Trash is for Tossers and founder of organic cleaning product company The Simply Co..

An Environmental Studies graduate from NYU and former Sustainability Manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the amount of trash that she has produced over the past four years can fit inside of a 16 oz mason jar.

Through her blog, she has empowered millions of readers to produce less waste by shopping package free, making their own products, and refusing plastic and single use items.

Her work has been profiled by The New York Times, New York Magazine, MSNBC, NBC, AOL, CNN, Yahoo, Fox Busines s, BBC, and NPR amongst others.


Through this program, the participants are expected to realize the importance of preserving and conserving the nature. The educational value will be implemented in this event not only through seminars or workshops but also from direct experiences in the field. The participants will plant trees and discuss environmental issues with youth from all around the world. Thus, youth is expected to share ideas, knowledge, and experience related to environmental issues and finally generate ideas for their own environmental projects.


Leadership and social awareness is an expensive value at present time while these two soft skills are actually what youth needs as the next generation to better take roles in communities. In this program, not only the participant will be trained over their leadership skills through various group activities, they will also be challenged to do community service to the local communities. Those arranged sessions are expected to raise awareness of the participants about their surroundings and finally move them to lead, to serve, and to make changes for a greener earth.



Event Description


Event will be hosted at Pantai Klui, Malaka, Pemenang, Kab. Lombok Utara, NTB. Indonesia

Day 1: Thursday, 09 March 2017

Airport Assistance at Lombok International Airport 

Airport assistance is an assisting set-up from the committee for all Greenerations. The assistance will be from Lombok International Airport to accommodation spot. Assistance means that some of committees will be in airport to guide the leaderpreneurs to come in the check-In point by using public transportation.

Check In 

Check in is a registration for the tent as Greeneration accommodation during the program

Welcoming Night 

In this session, the Greenerations will gather in one place then the committees will give program briefing as well as ice breaking games so that the atmosphere among the Greenerations will be more conducive and dynamic.

Show Rundown Detail

Rundown of First Day

Main Venue              : Klui Beach, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

09.00 – 15.00            : Airport Assistance

(The time from Airport to the main venue are about 90 minutes)

14.00 – 18.00            : Registration and Participant Check-in

19.00 – 21.00            : Opening Ceremony

19.00 – 19.10: Opening MC

19.10 – 19.15: Speech : Project Officer

19.15 – 19.20: Committee’s Introduction

19.20 – 19.25: Rules and regulations

19.25 – 20.00: Ice breaking

20.00 – 20.45: Dinner

20.45 – 21.00: Clossing by MC and Photo Session

Day 2: Friday, 10 March 2017

Friend of Earth Challenge

To really experience and embrace the environment around the Island, Greenerations will be challenged to finish a mission of creating short videos to promote the importance of the place and how the tourists should follow what they do as the friend of earth. There, they will have to look for the best element of the spots they visit to be able to promote it to public. The spots will be:

  • Banyumulek Village, the center of Lombok’s Handycraft Appreciate the product of nature and learn how to make it to its utmost benefit
  • Seger Beach Appreciate the nature and practice the love by cleaning up the beach as well as promoting action of no littering
  • Sade Village, traditional village of Lombok Appreciate traditional values to learn how necessary nature products for a living

Nature Discussion

For Nature Discussion, there will be some speakers invited to talk under some topics of nature and environment. There will be some environmental issue addressed in the discussion, hence, questions are encouraged after the presentation to answer and respond to the curiosity and critical thinking of the Greeneration. The discussion with expert will be used as basic fundamentals, supplementary information and additional knowledge for their group project. The topics will be around:

• Natural Resources and Conservation in Lombok

• Nature and Tourism

• Society Involvement in Nature Conservation

Focus Group Discussion 

In this session, Greenerations are divided into small groups with one Facilitator. There will be a “Focus Group Discussion” where participants have a chance to discuss and share ideas to solve some environmental problems given by the committee and form a concept of their own Social Greeneration Project. The result of group discussion will be presented afterwards by group representative in front of the forum.

Show Rundown Detail

Rundown of Second Day (Tourism Destination Challenge)

05.00 – 05.30            : Stretching

05.30 – 08.30            : Take a bath and Breakfast

08.30 – 09.00            : Group meeting and preparation

09.00 – 10.00             : On the way to Banyumulek Village

10.00 – 12.30            : First Tourism Destination Challenge : Learn the making of

                                      Lombok Handy craft souvenir (Gerabah)

12.30 – 14.00            : Lunch and Praying Break

14.00 – 14.30            : On the way to Cemare Beach

14.30 – 16.00            : Second Tourism Challenge at Cemare Beach

14.30 – 17.30            : Trees Planting and Beach Cleaning

17.30 – 18.30            : Return to the camp area

18.30 – 20.00            : Break and Dinner

20.00 – 22.00            : Night Class and Discussion (panel speaker)

            20.00 – 20.05 : Opening by Moderator

20.05 – 20.35 : First Speaker

            20.35 – 21.05 : Second Speaker

21.05 – 21.25 : Q & A

21.25 – 22.00 : Case Discussion

Day 3: Satuday, 11 March 2017

Save the Island Challenge

It will be an unforgettable moment because on this day Greenerations will experience a fun adventure by visiting the beautiful Island in Lombok, namely Gili Trawangan Island. They will go by boat provided by locals. Arrived at Gili Trawangan Island, Greenerations will be challenged to finish several missions to build more of their awareness of the environment, which are:

  • Tourist Interview: What could go better?

Greenerations will have to conduct an interview with some International Tourists visiting Gili Trawangan Island and ask the reason of visiting the island, the strengths as well as weaknesses of that island, and what they think should be improved in the island.

  • Snorkeling Challenge: Reef Photography – Appreciating Sea Life

Greenerations will have to take the best underwater photos, figure out the names and put a little story of the reefs.

  • Seed Planting: Planting Trees to Plant Life in The Future

Greenerations will be involved in planting trees project from the seed of their own donations on a barren land wherein deforestation happened.

Campfire Closing Night 

After having a fun adventure, there will be a closing night where awards will be given out to the Greenerations to appreciate their efforts during the program. To make memories last, Greenerations will also be able to present their cultural performances and other kinds of entertainment while having campfire and being surrounded by the sound of night waves and winds from the beach.

Show Rundown Detail

Rundown of Third Day (Gili Trawangan Island Challenge)

05.00 – 05.30            : Stretching

05.30 – 08.30            : Take a bath and Breakfast

08.30 – 09.00            : Group meeting and preparation

09.00 – 09.45            : On the way to Bangsal Harbour

09.45 – 10.00            : Mobilization to the Boat

10.00 – 10.30            : Go to Gili Trawangan Island by boat

10.30 – 13.00            : First Challenge : Tourist Interview

13.00 – 14.00            : Lunch and Praying Break

14.00 – 16.00            : Second Challenge : Snorkeling and taking Underwater Photo

16.00 – 16.15            : Mobilization to the boat

16.15 – 16.45            : Return to Bangsal Harbour

16.45 – 17.30            : Return to Camp Area

19.30 – 22.00            : Closing Ceremony

19.30 – 19.40: Opening By MC

19.40 – 20.00: Culture Performance From Local Traditional Dance

20.00 – 20.15: Awarding

20.15 – 21.00: Dinner

21.00 – 21.30: Percussion

21.30 – 22.00: Closing, Photo Session and Fireworks

Day 4 : Sunday, 12 March 2017

Check Out

Participant will need to check out in advance before leaving the venue.

Show Rundown Detail

Rundown of Fourth Day

07.00 – 09.30            : Breakfast

09.30 – 11.00            : Packing

11.00                          : Check Out


You will get


Full LO Team

Meals 3 times/Day

Professional Documentations

Transportation from Meeting Point

First Aid


Continuous Support

Online Contact Service


Sleeping Bag


Toilet Portable


Flight Ticket



For 50 Participants


Selected Applicants


We sent a letter of acceptance to each participant who passes the selection of document. Then for those who have made the first payment will be included to the selected participant list. Due to limited places available, only registration with 100% of the total payment as confirmed on a first come first served basis.



If you want to try to find sponsors, please feel free to download the proposal event to support your document below.

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