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Illegal logging is a term which refers to the activity of harvesting, processing and trade of both timber and timber products which violates the applied regulations. The violations could be in the form of illegal license, harvesting in protected areas, over-harvesting, or non-payment of taxes.

Here are some facts on illegal logging based on interpol:

  1. Illegal logging contributes to the lost of tropical countries in the world.
  2. Every minute, tropical forest as wide as two football fields is missing.
  3. In Russia, 25% of Russia’s timber exports comes from illegal logging.
  4. Annually, illegal timber worth between USD $30 and USD $100
  5. In Indonesia, 40-61% of timber is originated from illegal logging
  6. 70% of timber products in Gabon is believed to come from illegal logging.

Illegal logging has brought negative effect to both ecologically and economically. It brings harm to the ecosystem, timber markets, forest sustainability, government and local communities who benefits from the forest. Moreover, illegal logging also causes intrusion in the forest as the loggers usually build canals and trails to open access into the deep forest. Consequently, most of habitat is destructed and water level reduced significantly.

Additionally, NTB is a province in Indonesia which also suffers from illegal logging. Around 26,7 % of Lombok forest area  is harmed by illegal logging. The government is still trying to prevent the illegal logging by various ways. Some of which are by increasing the number of forest police, socializing the negative impact of illegal logging to the society and asking them to involve in forest preservation.

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