Nowadays, people have been putting high concern in environmental issue. Since the rising global warming issue, there has been a shifting from non-environmentally friendly goods into the environmentally friendly one. Mostly, environmentally friendly products are made from easily recycled material such as woods.

Ketak, is one unique environmentally friendly woven handicraft which comes from Lombok Island, a tropical island in Indonesia. Aside in Lombok, Ketak is usually found in Bali, a beautiful island which is located near Lombok Island. Ketak handicraft offers a wide variety of products which are ranging from domestic furniture to ornament.

Moreover, Ketak woven handicraft was first developed in 1986 in Nyurbaya village, Narmada regency, West Lombok, a place where Ketak widely grow. Then in 1988 Ketak woven handicraft started to grow and widely expanded.

The product name, “Ketak”, was initially comes from its material. Ketak is actually the name of a plant which is called “Lygodium Circinatun” in Latin. It is included in ferns which spread from the main plant. Before the plant can be woven, first it has to undergo several stages, which are drying stage, the cleavage stage and the woven stage.

Its uniqueness captivated not only local community but also international community. Ketak product has been exported both in Asian countries as well as in German, England, France and other countries. If you want to visit the Ketak woven handicraft manufacture centre, visit Lombok island and enjoy its captivating nature beauty.

Reference : accessed on January 17th, 2017 at 19.00 GMT+7

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