Sade village is a traditional village which is located in Rembitan, Pujut, Lombok, Indonesia.  Purposely preserved as a tourism village, in this village you will experience the unique and unexpected traditional atmosphere of Sasak tribe, Lombok traditional tribe.

Here are some surprising facts about Sade village :

  1. Kidnapping Marriage Tradition

Commonly, if a man wants to marry a woman, the first stage toward marriage is marriage proposal. However, if you fall in love with a woman from Sasak tribe, proposing will not be counted. Instead, you should kidnap your beloved woman.

The kidnap itself should be done at night, whereas no one knows, especially the woman’s parents. Otherwise, your kidnap is considered as failure and the parents could bring your woman back home.

If your kidnap succeeds, you could visit the parents’ house and express your will in marrying the woman. Then finally, the last stage of the kidnap is Nyongkolan, which is a process in bringing back the bride to her parent’s house along with the groom.

  1. Floor made of Cow Dung

Most people will feel disgusted if they spot cow dung in their house. In contrast, you will be surprised to know that Sasak tribe use cow dung as the floor material. Another unbelievable fact is that the floor doesn’t smell bad although they are made of cow dung.

In fact, the use of cow dong as floor material brings function to keep the temperature of the floor warm. Sasak tribe doesn’t sleep in bed but in traditional mattress, so it is a high importance to maintain the temperature of the floor. Moreover, Sasak people also believe that cow dung could protect their house from black magic.

Additionally, research shows that cow dung contains 22, 59% cellulose, an  organic compound which is commonly used in building material such as floor, wall, door, and others. Cellulose also highly strengthens the wood. Moreover, cow dung also contains a high biogas which indeed can warm the temperature up.

  1. Granary Tradition

Sasak tribe mostly works as farmers. Using rain fed planting method, they harvest the paddy annually. Then they keep the rice in the granary which is in pyramid shape. The granary perfectly kept the rice although it is made of weed.

Located in the middle of the settlement, each granary is used by five to six families. It is believed that only married woman can take the paddy in the granary. If a virgin takes the paddy, it is believed that she won’t be able to get married for the rest of her life.

Amidst the modernization Sade village is a tourism village which preserves its unique tradition. The friendly people, fresh air, unique local merchandise and extra-ordinary culture always lure people to take a look and experience the live of Sasak Tribe. Find your own journey in Sade Village, Indonesia!

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