If there is a heaven on earth, it is Lombok!

Coming to Indonesia? You do not want to miss Lombok! Most people know Bali more than Lombok when Lombok is actually just as, if not—MORE beautiful than Bali. Due to not many people being exposed to Lombok, the island is also more quiet and peaceful.

A hidden gem, Lombok is located next to Bali.

If you are a beach-lover or even a mountain-lover; a solo traveller or on a trip together with your lover or friends, Lombok is perfect for anything. From gorgeous sandy beaches to volcanic craters, Lombok has everything more magical than you imagine!

Rich culture? Check. Diverse communities? Check. Amazing local delicacies? Plenty. Breathtaking views? Totally! If you are planning to go to Lombok, you are set for an adventure of a lifetime! If you are not visiting Lombok? Think again because Lombok is exceptional! Pack your suitcases, now!

The activities you can do in Lombok is unlimited. Again, Lombok has everything; from tourist attractions to roads untaken, Lombok’s beauty is never-ending. Here are some things you should consider when you visit the enchanting Lombok!

Head Straight to the Beach!

I am telling you: Lombok’s beaches are just stunning! If that is not all, there is also a lot of beaches in Lombok that you can explore!

Most of the beaches in Lombok are located in the south. Truth is, these southern beaches have the best waves in all of Indonesia!

From somewhere crowded to somewhere with less people, Lombok has it! Here are some of the most impressive beaches in Lombok.
Pantai Senggigi: a heaven for surfers, the most popular beach in Lombok!
Pantai Mawun: beach chairs, colorful umbrellas, delicious seafood, an astonishing view—is there more to ask?
Pantai Tampah: if you prefer something more quiet.
Pantai Lancing: ride on the swings!
Pantai Semeti: the SUNSET is just glorious!
More? You should discover it yourself!

If you are travelling to Lombok, choose a place to stay near the beach. Soak yourself in the sun, bury your feet in the ground, listen to the majestic sounds of the waves, tan yourself under the sunlight, drive a motorbike, enjoy the seafood excellency, and much, much more! There is no limit!

Oh yes, have I mentioned that Lombok is the prettiest place to go snorkeling? Dive yourself in the sea! Also, challenge yourself with watersports! It is a lot of fun!

Amazing beach life awaits you!

Visit the Three Paradise Islands!

Do you want to know why they are called ‘Paradise’? Because they are!

These three islands are also known as the Gilis: Gili Air, Gili Meno, and the main island plus the most popular, Gili Trawangan. If you want to go to the islands, it is recommended to go by boat!

Clear, blue seas and wonderful nature, the Gilis are more than worth it. Going to the Gilis is actually the perfect opportunity for you to meet fellow travellers. If you are up to partying all night, the Gillis it is!

The Gillis are also famous for snorkeling and scuba-diving. The view you see under the sea—the colorful fishes and coral reefs—is something you will not forget. You can also go kayaking there; a perfect combination of sports and nature!

Also, do you know that you can take a fast boat from the Gillis to go to Bali? How cool is that?

All in all, the Gillis are A MUST! Or else, your trip will not be complete!

Hike the Mountain!

Get yourself ready, because you are going on a hike!

Do not worry! All of your hard work will pay off!

Mount Rinjani is another place you should not leave out, or else you are missing all the beauty! Mount Rinjani will surely overwhelm you!

Go up the summit and see the dazzling sunrise. There are also the hot springs, the lake, and of course, the volcanic crater!

Words cannot even describe how beautiful Mount Rinjani is!

Discover the Waterfalls!

Not only the beaches, the waterfalls are just as phenomenal.

Benang Kelambu and Benang Strokel waterfalls, which are located in the middle, should be included in your travel itinerary. Other waterfalls also include the Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gie waterfalls.

Witnessing how the water spectacularly pours down from above complemented with incredible views will be a memory to remember until your old days!

Explore the Rice Fields!

Not only Bali, the rice fields in Lombok are also enchanting!

Full of relaxing vibes, the view of the greens will make you forget all of the pain and problems!

One place to suggest for an amazing paddy field landscape is Bukit Selong. Go on top of the hill, see how magnificent the nature is, and sing to yourself ~what a wonderful world~

Bukit Selong is also one among a thousand spots in Lombok with a picturesque sunset view. The mountains in the background, the paddy field, the sunset… everything will impress you to the core!

Another tip: you should also interact with the locals there! They are so nice and warm-hearted. There are also adorable children running around!

Going to Bukit Selong? You will not only receive warmth from the extraordinary nature, but also from the friendly people!

Get to Know Sasak Culture!

It is always exciting to try something new. One example is discovering new culture!
Sasak is one of the largest surviving tribes in West Nusa Tenggara, where Lombok is housed. Believed to be Balinese descendants, this ethnic group has endured for more than 2,000 years!

Cultural experience is always rewarding. Not only you have a chance to introduce your culture to them, but you will also learn the unique customs, traditions, and ways of life of the Sasak tribe.

It is also nice to go sightseeing at the cultural village! You can see the traditional houses and also watch cultural performances! If the time is right, you can event attend the festival!

Interact with the Locals at the Market!

Visiting the market is also a special experience, especially for people who are not used to the setting of the place.

In the market, you can meet the merchants and even have a nice conversation with them. They will always greet you with a smile! Just simply say ‘Halo’ and they will welcome you with open hands.

Not only that, the market is also a nice place for you to discover new flavors. The market is also another spot you should visit if you want a satisfying culinary experience. You will be surprised to find how many flavors are available there!

Moreover, everything is sold at a cheap price. If it is not affordable enough, you can always bargain!

Strolling Around the City!

After immersing yourself in nature, sometimes you need some city vibes, which you can also achieve in Lombok!

There are Dutch colonial style buildings, which may be something new for your eyes. There are even malls!

Also, if you are hungry, you can always try the menu at the restaurants!

One Word: Food.

Yes. Food. Need to say more?

Indonesia is not only famous for its culture and nature, but also its diverse selections of food! Lombok is one great example.

You should have a taste of Ayam Taliwang, grilled chicken with the appetizing taliwang sauce, and Plecing Kangkung (crunchy spinach salad) as the side!

There are more foods to try! There are also various types of satay (grilled skewers) made of chicken and even fishes!

Mmm…. Are you hungry, now?

LOMBOK, overall, is everything you ever have dreamed of.

You can have a lot of exciting time in the nature, get an insight in the eccentric culture, taste delicious foods, and wander about the colorful streets of Lombok. In summary, you can HAVE everything! All sorts of experiences, old and new, in one single place!

Now… Are you sure you do not want to visit Lombok?

Hari Prasad from India just Registered on Sasambo